Another option in durable and colorful outdoor furniture is the use of 100% polymer resins. This is a highly stable material that will hold it’s color for years. Very UV resistant. It does not absorb water, so it will not split, crack, fade, or rot. This is a material that can be recycled and reused and is produced at a zero emissions plant. All water used in the manufacturing of this product is recycled.  Dining & Bar tables & chairs, Adirondacks, and other seating.

Care & Maintenance

Like most things in life we need to take care of our furniture especially when it’s outdoors and Mother Nature is going to throw everything at it! Low-maintenance does not mean ‘self-cleaning’ it’s simply easy to care for with minimal effort and cost-effective cleaning products. It is your responsibility to ensure that every reasonable precaution be used in the care and use of your purchase. To help you we’ve compiled Care & Maintenance tips for your patio furniture:


  1. Remove any cushions from your furniture and soak the frame in water; don’t worry, it’s waterproof! A garden hose is effective or a bucket of warm water.
  2. Spray down the furniture then apply a soap mixture – Mix about ¼ cup (approx 60ML) of mild detergent or dish soap with approximately 1 gallon (approx 3 Liters) of warm water. Moisten a soft-bristle brush into the solution.
  3. Lightly scrub any dirt from your resin wicker with the soft-bristle brush. The soap solution will help break down dirt making it easier to spray off. Ensure you get between the hand-woven wicker. Use soft bristles to clean hard-to-reach areas.
  4. For tree sap, try Goo-Gone or a similar product. You MUST rinse this off once tasks is complete as prolonged exposure to these grime removing agents may discolour the weave.
  5. After brushing the furniture, spray down with garden hose or a bucket of water until all soap residue is gone. Let your patio set dry in the sun for at least 2 hours. Dry time varies pending temperature, humidity, sun exposure, wind etc.
  6. After everything is dry, return the cushions to the patio furniture. Now sit back and relax because your outdoor wicker furniture set looks as good as new!


Your ARD Outdoor furniture will last for years! If you are unsure of how to properly care for or clean your merchandise, please contact our sales team for expert advise. [email protected]