We use a resin concrete insert on some of our custom tables, and on the Coffee Tables and Side Tables in our Vineyard and Mayfair collections. So, what is this material? Our resin concrete tabletops insets are made of a polymer resin that looks like concrete. Similar in colour, but without the concrete holes and pits that occur in a real concrete. This product is much lighter than real concrete, maintenance free, water resistant.

We also offer 100% pure concrete fire pits from Dekko. Our collection of fire pits provide unlimited entertaining opportunities to make the experience memorable. Our unique Ultra light concrete fire pits are 100% concrete and less than half the weight of most others making them easy to ship and install on any project including rooftops, patios and commercial applications. Hand crafted to endure the outdoor elements for years.

Dekko Care & Maintenance

Dekko fire pits are specially designed to last a lifetime while requiring little to no additional maintenance or care. This is because all of our products are made out of 100% pure proprietary concrete that won’t peel, flake or require sealant.

A hairlines crack has appeared in my fire pit, is this normal?

Although it is very unusual for our fire pits to crack, if a hairline crack does appear, you should not be alarmed; this is a natural characteristic of concrete and does not have the potential to grow or separate.

Will the concrete stain?

Although our fire pits are resistant to stains from the natural elements, any spills or accidents could result in the absorption of liquids due to the porous nature of concrete. Please be sure to blot any stains or spills immediately after contact. Please see below for our recommended steps on how to approach and remove stains.

If I have a stain on my fire pit, can it be removed?

Concrete can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution.  Never use abrasives or strong chemicals as they may further stain the surface.  A spill should be cleaned immediately by carefully blotting the spill with a clean and damp white towel. Be sure to blot the affected area and avoid wiping, as this may force the stain deeper into the surface of your fire pit.  If the stain persists, please contact our staff at Dekko for a colour-matched touch up kit.

Can you put sealer on the concrete fire pit?

Dekko fire pits are created from 100% pure concrete and do not require any sealants or other additional protectants.

Some beach stones appear to be turning a light pink/orange colour, is this normal?

Deposits of magnesium and iron can be present on the beach stones, notably on our light and ivory stones. This is a natural reaction to heat and is not considered a defect.

My fire pit is rocking/wobbling?

The legs of our fire pits are installed directly into the mould to yield a reliably level surface each time. If you are experiencing a teetering or wobbly leg, please ensure that the installation surface is also level.

More information on Dekko installation, general questions, safety and troubleshooting here.