Why You Shouldn’t Purchase Outdoor Furniture Online

Get ready to socialize and entertain your friends again, just don’t purchase your outdoor furniture set online!

COVID-19 has certainly altered our lives, forcing us to postpone or cancel so many plans already. As the weather warms up and we turn the corner of the pandemic, don’t miss out finding the right outdoor furniture collection that will complement your outdoor space. 

Here are three particular reasons as to why you should not buy outdoor furniture online:


If you’re going to invest in high-quality outdoor furniture, do it right and be sure to plop down and take a seat before you make the purchase. It’s an action you simply cannot do online. You want to make sure you’re comfortable – ask yourself as you lean back into the cushion, “does it give me the right back support? Is the chair too high that my legs dangle? Or is it designed too low that it’s causing my lower back to flex forward?” 

Are the cushions plush? What about the construction? Check for sturdy construction as that adds to the comfort of the furniture. Also, avoid very deep soft seats. The last thing you’d want is to look clumsy or awkward in front of your visitors pushing yourself up from the chair because there isn’t enough cushioning. 


Another important attribute to outdoor furniture is quality. You want the opportunity to feel the texture of the cushion and fabric on your skin, something never fully conveyed online. And there is more, a webpage does not accurately depict true colours. It may be subtle, but colours and shades are important to illuminate your outdoor area. We have all experienced and asked ourselves similar questions like, “is the shade of the cushion on the computer screen truly sky blue or light blue?”

How is the final finishing and texture? You’ll also want to look for a smooth and consistent appearance, which you can only determine with close examination so that you’re not disappointed after you’ve made the actual purchase.


It is particularly important to factor in the concept of weight, shape and size when it comes to outdoor furniture. The benefit of buying from a store is that you’ll meet and interact with trained staff. They will help with your decision process but more importantly; returns can really become less of a hassle if you decide to change your mind. With an in-store connection established, returns can be taken care of at no extra cost or stress, especially if goods are damaged during shipment. Internet companies would be less likely to incur costs to remove the item once delivered to your home. Which means, if you cannot get your full refund/return, you may incur additional costs to remove the item or dispose of it yourself. 

So just remember, when it comes to buying outdoor furniture, online orders has its drawbacks and is really not the ideal option. Take the extra time to visit a store to find the perfect outdoor furniture that will fit your personality and create a spot that quickly becomes your favourite place for entertainment or a place for tranquility.  

Happy outdoor furniture shopping everyone!