How to Create an Outdoor Living Space in Style

X8 Collection and DEKKO Avera Fire Pit at Night

The team of designers at ARD Outdoor will transform your outdoor space into a stunning, functional retreat everyone will appreciate

As featured in Cottage Life Magazine – Spring 2018

While ARD Outdoor’s Richard Bockner designs outdoor furniture for exclusive hotels around the world, he’s made it his mission to offer similar quality and style to homeowners and cottagers. “What we do is create the ultimate outdoor living spaces, whether that’s at a favourite resort, at a golf course, or in your backyard,” he says. Starting with beautiful, unique foundational pieces, the team of designers layers in additional functionality and beauty to finish a “room”—ensuring total harmony and comfort with nature. “Every room we create uniquely suits each natural space and the family who will use it, ultimately elevating the experience everyone shares outdoors,” adds Bockner.

Turn your dock into a retreat

“Why not create an outdoor living space as close to the water as possible on your dock?” suggests Bockner. ARD Outdoor designers will help you find just the right layout and furniture, no matter the shape of your dock. Outdoor living tip: Choose comfy, durable fabrics. “We love Sunbrella’s luxurious textured fabrics because they’re cozy to sit on but also contrast beautifully with the hardness of stainless steel and raw and finished wood surfaces.” Every ARD Outdoor cushion is custom made in Canada.

Make the most of nighttime

“An outdoor living space should offer late-season enjoyment and fully take advantage of evenings,” says Bockner. The key to each is in the heating and lighting elements. Outdoor living tip: Look for furniture that offers more than one outdoor living enhancement. “We’ve designed coffee tables that work double duty as firepits and side tables that handle storage, for example,” says Bockner. And be brazen in your lighting choices. “I source locally and globally to find unique quality items like this sculptural outdoor lamp from Italy,” says Bockner.

Maximize your outdoor living space

“An outdoor rug and a large umbrella help ground a ‘room,’ especially when you’re designing in a space that has hard landscaping or that is cramped or awkward,” explains Bockner. Outdoor living tip: Create a curated look outdoors. “Mixing and matching pieces— which is possible across our collections—is how you can create your own personal style outdoors,” says Bockner. ARD Outdoor furniture also features surprising innovations, such as wicker weaves that are filled with a proprietary foam for extreme comfort.

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