How to Enjoy Your Patio in the Fall

In Canada, many believe that time on the patio is limited and tailored solely to the summer months. The truth, however, is that Canadians are experts at adapting to a change in temperature, whether that means dressing for the season or finding suitable outdoor activities. Patio living is no different. It’s all in how you adjust your patio setting to align with the changing season.

There are a number of different ways to dress and enjoy your patio for fall and make it a much more
comfortable place to relax or entertain, such as incorporating season-appropriate items that
complement your outdoor space.

At ARD Outdoor, we believe that open-air living should be enjoyed as long as possible, so we are
pleased to offer a selection of seasonal items that can enrich any outdoor oasis or transform it into
an even more luxurious and comfortable retreat.

Fall Friendly Patio Items

From heaters to blankets, there are small changes that you can make to warm up your outdoor
space, both literally and design-wise.

Below is our top list of patio items to purchase this fall.

  1. Fire Pit

    A modern looking fire pit can bring a welcoming ambience to your patio, as well as a trendy
    focal point. Our Dekko fire pits come in various neutral colours, which makes them easy to
    incorporate into an existing design. From the dawn of time, humans have found comfort
    alongside a fire, and still, to this day, it makes a great place to gather with friends and family
    for a home-cooked meal or a glass of vino.
  2. Outdoor Heaters

    Old fashioned or bulky heaters can be a real eye-sore to a contemporary looking space.
    That’s why the stylish IR heater can be a welcome addition, not only for the necessary offset
    of heat but also for its minimalistic look and feel.
  3. Outdoor Heated Blankets

    There’s nothing like a soft warm blanket to make you feel cozy in the fall. A heated blanket
    makes a great accessory to any patio, both for its style aspect and its therapeutic effects.
    The simple addition of our heated throw ensures ultimate warmth and lasting patio time.
  4. Furniture Protective Covers

    It’s no surprise when a little rain or a sprinkling of snow interrupts a Canadian fall. So,
    protective coverings to safeguard your outdoor furniture, tables and fire pit are useful. The
    more protected these items are from harsh weather conditions, the more durable they’ll remain. It’s
    also a hassle to wipe down items nearly every time you go to use them. This eliminates that
    simple annoyance.

With fall’s colourful changing leaves and the fresh crisp air, being outside is idyllic this time of year
and it shouldn’t be wasted hunkering down inside. Your patio should be enjoyed far beyond those
warm sunny days and well into the cooler months ahead. So, don’t miss your chance to embrace this
beautiful time of year and make your outdoor space as livable as it was during the peak of summer.

For any questions on our suggested items or further advice for fall-proofing your patio space, please
contact our team for assistance. We’d love to help!