As you’ve been enjoying your time outdoors with friends and family, we understand that your cushions may need a refresher. Our highly sought-after industrial Cushion Cleaning Service is back and available with a NEW Storage option – our comprehensive Cushion Care Package! Here’s what it includes:

Cushion Pickup

Our team will come to your doorstep and pick up your outdoor cushions at your convenience.

Professional Repair

We’ll inspect your cushions for minor defects, such as loose seams, broken zippers, or minor tears. Our skilled craftsmen will expertly repair these issues to ensure your cushions are as good as new.

Industrial Cleaning

Your cushions will undergo a deep and thorough industrial cleaning process, removing any stains, bacteria, and odours accumulated over the summer.

Secure Storage

Once cleaned and repaired, your cushions will be carefully stored in our climate-controlled facility, ensuring they remain in pristine condition throughout the fall and winter.

Spring Delivery

When the warmer days return, we’ll schedule a convenient time to deliver your refreshed cushions right to your doorstep, so you can enjoy your outdoor space without delay.

All cushions will be professionally cleaned using commercial grade cleaning products and equipment. This detail-oriented cleaning will revitalize your cushions and remove all unwanted stains, bacteria and odours. Your cushions will be fresh, clean and ready to go to enjoy next season.

We understand that you may prefer separate services – our Cushion Cleaning Services are still available on their own, along with Cushion Storage alone for just $50/month!

Call us at (416) 551-6055 for a detailed quote today!

*Cushion Care Package applies to standard 4-piece Sectionals, 3-piece Deep Seating sets, or equivalent. Additional costs may apply. Cost may be subject to geographic location. Additional storage fees apply to large orders. Pick up and delivery available at an additional cost for separate Cushion Cleaning Services. ARD Outdoor cannot guarantee the removal of all stains 100%. All other terms and conditions apply.