Creating the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

VONDOM Vineyard Daybeds

With the onset of Covid-19, creating the perfect outdoor living space is a must for a sense of wellbeing. For many, this will also be the location for the summer staycation. Ambience is important.

Think of your space and try to create your own personal sanctuary. It could be a small
space that you wish to turn into a private oasis, be it a pied-à-terre balcony, or small
backyard de patio. Larger areas give the feeling of comfort when divided into smaller
sections or rooms, just like the interior of your home.

You may want to think about an eating area, a conversation area, and even an outdoor
office for those that work remotely. Now, let’s think about choosing the outdoor furniture.

A Place to Dine

Canadians love outdoor dining. Creating an eating area is generally the first place to
start. Pick a patio table that matches the size of your space and has enough seating for
your family and a few guests too. Dining chairs with arm rests allow for comfort.
Colour is the news this season and custom-made cushions, or pillows can give dining
chairs a pop. Think primary colours, or bold print. Even the flowers blooming in your
garden can be a source of inspiration. Add some to a vase and set on your patio table,
to carry the theme of through your outdoor living space.

Echo Teak Dining Set
Echo Teak Top Dining Table with Echo Dining Arm Chairs

Patio umbrellas do more than provide shade, they set the tone for summer enjoyment.
Look for umbrellas that tilt and have strong bases to withstand wind and made from
materials such as concrete or granite.

A Place to Unwind

Unwinding outside can be a cup of afternoon tea with a friend, or a glass of pinot noir,
with a romantic partner, before an outdoor candlelight meal. The key to this space is

Think wide, roomy patio club chairs, that invite relaxation, or love seats and sofas for
more space. For a conversation area that allows the whole family to gather look for
outdoor sectionals. Adding pillows here too adds colour, texture, and a sense of

Coffee tables and end tables allow a place to set down drinking glasses or display
accessories, they also serve as fun and stylish addition to your outdoor decor.
Add some twinkling lights to turn on as dusk appears. Patio heaters and fire pits, entice
people to stay longer, on chilly nights. This can extend the patio season well into the
late fall! One of the best fire pits brand you can find in Canada is Dekko. These fire pits
come in various sizes, shapes and colours.

Vineyard Collection in Driftwood with a DEKKO Bravo Fire Pit

A Place to Work

Working from home has changed the “office” environment. When the season is right,
why not take the office outside? Choose a laptop end table made for outdoor living
spaces that blends seamlessly in. Available in white, pewter, or black.

Laptop End Table in Black
Laptop End Table in Black by a Nevis Double Chaise Lounge

A Place to Dream

For the ultimate zen retreat for quiet contemplation consider the Vineyard Daybed
, designed by Ramon Esteve for VONDOM. The sleek, pyramid- shaped
aluminium structure comes complete with a double reclining mattress. Go ahead and
rest, read, meditate, or just dream.

VONDOM Vineyard Daybed
VONDOM Vineyard Daybed

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