Five Reasons To Buy Outdoor Furniture Early

buy outdoor furniture early

The spring to summer season has always been the most optimal time of the year when purchasing outdoor furniture. However, there has been a shift in what is considered the ideal purchasing period of quality outdoor furniture since the global pandemic.

The furniture industry has faced turbulences that have affected the way companies operate and interact with their customers since the beginning of 2020. Despite the effects of the global supply chain, ARD Outdoor has adapted and remains dedicated to exceeding customer expectations by continuing to offer high-quality outdoor products, unique materials, and innovative designs all year-round.

As Canadians continue to spend extended periods of time at home, many are looking for unique and inspiring outdoor furniture pieces that can enhance their overall backyard or patio experience. With the incentive to invest in personal outdoor living spaces having never been greater, a surge of home renovations has resulted. The desire for quality, uniquely designed and comfortable outdoor furniture that can complement and modernize any style of backyard is now in full demand all season round. 

In order to accommodate the new demand, the ARD Outdoor team has worked diligently to best ensure our ability to meet the desires of our customers. With your best interests in mind, here are ARD’s 5 reasons to start your search at the beginning of the year:

1. Availability

When looking to purchase outdoor furniture from the largest available selection of stock on hand, the beginning of the new year, often from January to early March, is a great time to start. During this time, the overall stock of full sectionals, unique items, lighting, heating accessories and more is abundant. In addition to receiving first access to the new styles of the upcoming spring and summer seasons, the ability to secure the most exclusive and sought after items on the market is much more assured during this time. Identifying how disruptions to the supply chains have shifted the optimal buying periods of outdoor furniture is an important factor to keep in mind. 

2. Warmer Winters

Canadian winters have been steadily increasing in temperature over the last few years, giving you the ability to utilize your outdoor space for weeks longer than the season would otherwise allow. This has increased the demand and interest for outdoor furniture much earlier in the year. Buying your outdoor furniture and accessories early on allows you the opportunity to extend the use of your outdoor space in a milder off-season. 

3. Professional Design Assistance

Simply inquiring early already reduces the unnecessary inconvenience of possibly not having access to specific items or accessories and further, provides you with the ability to work with a design consultant without any interruptions from other potential buyers seeking advice at the same time. An expert can assist with layout solutions, share valuable insight, advice and recommendations on how to enhance your outdoor living space. Spending the extra time to properly lay out your ideas and expectations with a professional makes the selection process extremely enjoyable, unique, and stress free.

4. More Time to Enjoy

As we all know, summer is a fantastic season for fun and relaxation, but also one that seems to fly by so quickly. Having the right outdoor furniture selected and purchased earlier in the new year allows you to increase the amount of time you and your family can enjoy your patio or backyard setup while maximizing the amount of return you get on your investment. Whether it’s entertainment, relaxation, aesthetic or all of the above, the features of your outdoor space can be used extensively when purchased earlier in the year. 

5. Free Storage

For some potential buyers, the lack of storage for outdoor furniture in the off-seasons may cause hesitation when looking to purchase early in the year. Not to worry – here at ARD Outdoor, we offer a convenient, dry, and temperature controlled storage service at no extra cost. We will carefully store your order until you are ready for delivery and to experience your new outdoor living space. 

We hope this gives you a good idea of the benefits inquiring early can have on your entire outdoor experience. 

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From the ARD Outdoor team.

Everest Mandy