Adding Colour to Your Outdoor Space

Sunbrella Fabric Rolls

Transform Your Outdoor Space by Playing with Colours and Patterns: Smart Shopping Can Change Your Outdoor Style Every Season

While you can argue that outdoor living spaces come to life by virtue of their beautiful natural backdrops, it is also important not to lose sight of the fact that they can actually enhance an environment by adding pops of colour and pattern to boost visual appeal. Colour not only adds personality and energy to a space, it also sets a tone and can help you transform an area from season to season. Texture and pattern are also great ways to liven up a space and add accents that reflect your style.

Experiment with colour

If you are shy or unsure about how to play with colour, using a colour wheel (that can be purchased at any art supply shop) is a surefire way to determine what colours work best with each other. One colour wheel rule of thumb is to choose complimentary colours, or those directly across from each other on the colour wheel. Another tip is to balance bright with light colours so bold colours do not overwhelm a room.

Colour can really help speak to a season. Simply changing one element of colour in your colour scheme can make a space feel more like a summer oasis or fall nook. Toss cushions are an inexpensive and easy way to achieve versatility like this in your outdoor space. ARD Outdoor proudly manufactures all cushions locally using Sunbrella fabrics.

Soft whites and pastels are an effective way to achieve a very serene and airy look. They are calming and lend themselves well to summer landscapes where colour is in full bloom. They do not take over but rather blend into the scenery while still offering a dash of colour.

Sunbrella Fabrics Left to Right: Sailcloth Seagull, Meridian Mist, Sailcoth Solana Seagull, Sailcloth Salt

Have a look at how swapping out a pastel fabric accent with a navy and grey herringbone fabric really changes the mood of the palette.

Sunbrella Fabrics Left to Right: Downtown Granite, Spectrum Denim, Solana Seagull, Sailcloth Salt

For a lively and electric effect, colours like orange are a fantastic way to cheer up a space. Pair this with soft white in the summer and add touches of black in the fall for a warm, cozy look.

Sunbrella Fabrics Left to Right: Glitz Pearl, Etching Papaya, Echo Sangria
Sunbrella Fabrics Left to Right: Glitz Pearl, Etching Papaya, Echo Sangria

Interested in new toss cushions? Visit our Toronto showroom and one of our in-house designers will assist you to transform your outdoor space through colours, textures and patterns today.